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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Smiling Is The Curve That Makes Things Straight

Who We Are: Part I


For any business, one of the most valuable attributes both internally and to the customer is a cheerful attitude. The simple act of smiling at a stranger is the beginning of many long and treasured relationships.

To smile and be pleasant no matter what the circumstances is not natural behavior to most of us – it’s so easy to let a little roadblock ruin our whole day! However, one of the best experiences in the world is to have a situation that would normally incite bad moods be greeted instead with a smile and a positive outlook.

We believe it is absolute crucial for our business and our lives to never be in a bad mood. It is so important to us that we have made it a core value for our company: to smile and be full of joy every day.

Sound impossible? Not at all!

We are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given and the people in our lives that if we focus on those things it’s hard not to smile. Serving our customers is a delight and we want our faces to reflect that. When our technicians leave a home, we hope the thing our customers remember most is that it was a joy to have us around and their day was a little brighter because we were there. We have found the old saying “A joyful heart is good medicine” to be absolutely true. There is no difficulty which doesn’t get better if we approach it with a smile and a good attitude. Stand-up comic Phyllis Dillar offered a piece of insightful thought concerning smiles: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” A genuine smile at the right time can change someone’s life.

The art of smiling is far more complex than it may seem. It can actually require practice, especially in setting aside the inevitable distractions that often make us feel like not smiling. Making smiling a habit is very rewarding, however. It not only makes you and those around you feel happier, but it has been shown to increase the body’s immune response to infections (including the flu), reduce pain and stress, cause people to live longer and be more successful in both their professional and private lives.

A few tips for learning to smile:

1.) Practice smiling at random strangers. If you are not used to doing so, this may feel unnatural at
first, but you’d be amazed how many people smile back and how much this lifts your spirits.

2.) Rather than just imitating the physical motion of a smile (an expression dubbed the “Botox
Smile” or the “Pan Am” smile), sincerely focus on the person you are smiling at, thinking good
thoughts about them. Smiling as an act of caring and friendship needs genuine warmth behind

3.) Smile with your eyes. This is called a “Duchenne” smile and it is only when the eyes are involved
that a smile becomes infectious.

Find further tips and information about smiling at http://www.wikihow.com/Smile.

Today is a good day because we are blessed to be living it: and that is why we are committed to smiling!

About the Author: Lauren Turner is a former construction contractor turned wife and mother of two (so far). Her daily collection of duties and pleasures range from diaper duty to researching experimental concrete surfaces and everything in between. She is delighted to discover there is a place for her blogging skills and hopes her own garage benefits from all she learns.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Paint a Garage Floor

Painting can revive a stained and tired garage floor with a little money and some elbow grease.
These instructions are for latex concrete floor paint. Choose a color that will reflect light, rather than
absorb, unless your aim for the floor is to pack a decorative punch.

Step 1 - Read the directions on your product. This is vital, especially concerning the surface
temperature and preparation process. If these two factors are not handled properly, the paint may not

Step 2 - Clean the floor. Vacuum the garage floor. Remove grease with a degreaser and a stiff
brush. For very tough stains, a pressure washer may be needed.

Step 3 - Fix problem areas. When the floor is dry, repair any cracks. Use a compound made for
concrete or mortar repair, and apply according to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 4 - Etch the floor. Etching may be needed to ensure that the paint absorbs into the
concrete.  Sprinkle water on the floor. If it is absorbed quickly, then etching is probably not needed. If the water stands, you'll need to use a concrete etching product. Follow the instructions, and make sure the floor is dry before continuing.

Step 5 - Prime. Using a long-handled roller, apply a good quality primer to the entire floor. This is
a crucial step and will ensure an enduring finish.  Allow the primer to dry for at least eight hours.

Step 6 - Paint. Follow your manufacturer's directions. Some call for the first coat to be thinned
with water to allow for better absorbability and to be applied with a brush. When the first coat is
applied, allow it to dry, and then use a roller to apply the second coat. The paint will be dry to the touch within a few hours. For best results allow it to dry for 24 hours before walking and one week before driving on it.

Enjoy your new floor and the life that you have breathed into your garage.