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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Repaint Your Garage Door: Paint Type

If you’re eyeing your faded or peeling garage door and thinking about running out for a can of paint, read this first! There are several ways to successfully apply a coat of paint that won’t come chipping right back off by the end of the summer. All you need are a few tools and some basic preparations.

The first decision to make is what type of paint would work best for your door.

Garage doors are made of a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass (check to be sure the material of the door is not brittle and crumbling before repainting fiberglass) and wood. Before choosing a paint, you’ll probably want to do a quick surface test first. Pour a little denatured alcohol on a rag and rub on the door. If paint comes off or feels tacky, it’s latex and you can go ahead and use latex over it. If not, you’ll either want to use an oil-based paint or put a primer coat of Kilz on first or you’ll go through an experience like THIS.

Direct To Rust

If you have a rusting steel door, your best choice of paint would be a product like THIS meant to go straight over rust. It’s still best to prepare the door with steel wool to remove the worst of the rust, but using an apply-over-rust paint best ensures the bond of the new paint to the old door.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is generally an easier choice to use since it has lower-intensity fumes and cleans up with water. A good quality paint-and-primer combination that covers easily and quickly can be pricey but worth with for ease of use and lifespan. Semi-gloss is the preferable finish since it will shed water best.

Oil-Based Paint

For staying power and durability, it’s tough to beat oil-based paint. In spite of a relatively long drying time, oil-based paints are easier to apply smoothly and have better color retention and bonding ability. They are slightly messier to apply than latex varieties since they’re not as thick; and you have to use paint thinner for cleanup instead of water. Because of the heavy fumes, safety goggles and a respirator with black “organic vapor” cartridges are a good idea.

Next up: Preparation

About the Author: Lauren Turner is a former construction contractor turned wife and mother of two (so far). Her daily collection of duties and pleasures range from diaper duty to researching experimental concrete surfaces and everything in between. She is delighted to discover there is a place for her blogging skills and hopes her own garage benefits from all she learns.

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