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Friday, May 15, 2015

The I-Factor: Choosing An Insulated Garage Door

If you’ve already determined your garage door is a good candidate for insulation, the next step is to figure out which of the many options works best for you and your budget.

There are a few ways to retro-insulate an existing door. You can use a special insulating kit purchased from the manufacturer for your specific door (click here to purchase one for your door) or you can go totally DIY and use either polystyrene panels or expanding spray foam from your local home improvement store. The biggest issue with either the panels or the foam is the wear every time a roller-panel door is opened or closed. The panels or foam tend to degrade quickly, usually over the course of just one winter. One exception to this is the swing-out or swing-up door: added insulation will stay in better shape on these types of doors since there aren’t as many moving parts to provide friction.

Another option is installing an already-insulated door. There are two main types of manufacturer insulated garage doors: sandwich construction and vinyl-back construction.

Sandwich Construction is probably the most effective insulation option, consisting of two metal skins bonded together with one of two types of insulation hidden between.

  •  Polystyrene sheets cut to fit and glued between the panels are good for occasional heat retention and high durability (the doors resist denting and other lifetime damage). 
  • Polyurethane expanding insulation injected between the layers of an assembled door produces even insulation across the entire inner surface of the door. This type of insulated door is best if you want to maintain a fully–heated garage space.

Vinyl-Back Construction uses expanded foam cores on the interior of the garage door, strengthening the door against dents and adding temperature control without the expense of a second interior steel skin. The advantage is mostly in price since the door will not be as durable or effective as the sandwich style.

About the Author: Lauren Turner is a former construction contractor turned wife and mother of two (so far). Her daily collection of duties and pleasures range from diaper duty to researching experimental concrete surfaces and everything in between. She is delighted to discover there is a place for her blogging skills and hopes her own garage benefits from all she learns.

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